Hello friends. It’s certainly been a surreal and intense start to the year. As I wrote in my year-end wrap up, January (until 1.28) would still have a tinge of the old 2016 “9” energy and that has proven to be true. I had the vibrational flu that’s hit many people and it took me out of commission for a full 8 days. However, I still was receiving and working spiritually. This cleansing many of us are going through DOES serve a higher purpose. That’s one solid way to send those old energies further on down the road.

So 1.28 begins the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. It also follows on the heels of a beautiful, revolutionary New Moon in Aquarius that may help us to be more detached and see the bigger view, which will be helpful right about now.

Yin Fire: Possessing inner warmth, creativity, insight, a slow but steady burn.

Shadow: Emotionally fragile or volatile. Loses the “spark” easily. Allowing the candle to go out by the winds of life.

Fire Rooster: Hard working, independent. Can be aggressive or argumentative. In a Rooster year, be mindful of where energy is going, dissipation due to excess is possible.

This in combination with the “1” Universal Year is going to be very interesting and also rather tricky to navigate in places and of course, I’ll tell you why.

With the powerful resistance movement that started on the first day of the current POTUS taking office with the J20 protests and the global women’s march on the second, it’s clear that activism is here to stay. I do like that the fire of this year is Yin, that’s much well suited for the long haul. It’s less likely to overshoot the mark or get too big for its britches. What we will have to watch is keeping steady and practicing VERY good self-care and self-awareness. One important key word for this year will be: EQUANIMITY. Definition: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. Self-possession, presence of mind.

Some helpful suggestions:

1) Ask for help when you need it. Seek out your posse. This is NOT a “lone wolf” kind of year or energy. Have people in your space that feel safe enough to speak freely. When we’re losing our sh*t, sometimes we can’t even see it. Keep your own “spark” well tended in the usual ways and be open to new inspirations.

2) Practice radical self-love. Fill your own cup first. This isn’t a luxury this year, it will prove to be vital.

3) Remember you are free to participate in the world as much or as little as you like. Holding peaceful space for the collective is a valuable service and so is marching, writing letters and making phone calls. They are equally useful and valuable.

4) Remember your INTUITION and inner connection are your best GPS, especially in a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts.”

5) Tune out judgmental “Pink Unicorn” people. That is, people who try to belittle or shame others for social service and/or activism in the world and judge it as “negative” or “low vibe.” Not everyone is suited to roll up their sleeves and take on this mess. If you are the Universe not only thanks you, but has your back too.

6) On that note, being in the world and not of it is tricky business indeed. Some days will be easier than others. This is the year that your spiritual practice (whatever it is) gets taken up a level out of necessity. The division between 3D (old paradigm) and higher vibrational overlays of 5D and higher ARE happening. For those in spiritual service this is a great blessing, as we can always take a moment to BREATHE, recenter and remember what’s what.

7) Own your emotions and do your best to not project or offload. Cocooning yourself at times is not only healthy for ourselves, it helps others too. Remember to include yourself in your practices of compassion and forgiveness.

Happy Chinese New Year and remember to keep it Cosmic!