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Cosmic Weather May 2014 Snapshot

May 1, 2014 0

Cosmic Weather May 2014 Snapshot Cosmic Weather – Monthly Snapshot for May, 2014 ~ Hello friends. When pondering on the energies of May, I heard “How does your garden grow?” Considering the recent New Moon/Eclipse of 4/29 as the “Re-seeding,” this would also support that sentiment nicely. As you probably all well know by now, […]

Akashic Reading Information

September 2, 2013 0

Hello friends, Thank you for your interest in an Akashic reading with me. I just wanted to clarify a bit about the difference between an Akashic reading and a psychic reading. My signature reading is the “Soul Profile” that was modeled after the “Soul Seal” model, created by Akashic Seer Edgar Cayce. An Akashic reading will: […]

Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 9/5/13: Healing Inspiration & Shaking the Tree

September 1, 2013 0

Hello friends. Welcome to a new month and soon it will be a a new season too with the upcoming Fall Equinox (Spring for our friends in the South.) It’s been quite a powerful Summer filled with change, healing and transformation. For many of us, we are definitely not the same beings that we were […]

New Dream Catcher – Fall Equinox Reading!

August 27, 2013 0

Hello friends. Well we survived the “Lionsgate” of August and the Summer of 2013. 🙂 Here’s a great new reading given to me by the Akashic Wisdom Keepers to provide illumination for the new season and beyond. This special reading includes: 1) What the powerful “Lionsgate” energies of August 2013 were about for you personally, […]

Intuitive Counseling Readings

August 13, 2013 0

Intuitive Counseling offers insight and healing of spiritual, emotional and health matters. Being a spiritual counselor and intuitive allows me to see energetic patterns and were corrections can be made to assist with physical and emotional disturbances. I have been intuitive all of my life and have been giving readings since I was a child. […]

The Aquarian Empath

August 13, 2013 0

The Aquarian Empath, the long awaited guide for the new age of empaths is here! The Aquarian Empath is a Server, but not a “Rescuer.” The Aquarian Empath is a skilled Problem-Solver but not a “Fixer.” The Aquarian Empath is a Source of wisdom and light, but not a “Savior.” The Aquarian Empath has evolved from the role-playing victimhood of […]

The Post Spring Lunar and Solar Eclipse Season 2013: Life in the “Soft Spot”: Part I

May 26, 2013 1

All of this is not an explanation, it’s just me putting my hand on my heart. – Shriekback Hello friends. With two Lunar and one Solar in the past two months, it’s quite possible that some people, places and things that were in place back in March are no longer with us. There may be […]

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