Hello friends. I was joking with a few people that this was going to be my 2016 wrap up in one word: WHEW. Either that or I’d write 10K words. I’ve finally come to place that is balanced in-between. 🙂


Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. – Richard Bach

This year was epic in terms of those who took the exit portal as opportunity. I had a feeling when Bowie left on my own Birthday, it was going to be one of those years and I was right. To have Bowie, Prince, Weiland, Russell, Frey, Wilder, Cohen (and so many others) no longer on the planet seems surreal and not really even possible. The losses this year were like waves in that just when we processed one, we would get hit with another. The jokes about putting protective faery rings around Paul McCartney and the Monty Python guys were not lost on me. It was that way ALL YEAR too, pretty much. Any time a person leaves form (especially someone that is in our soul group,) we have an opportunity to not only connect with them in Spirit, but also receive certain gifts connected with them through our openness to receive. This was definitely the case for me, especially regarding Bowie and Prince. (Note: Please see my blog archive if you are interested in that material.) There were also plenty of non-celebrity types that left this year too. If you are someone who’s life was touched by loss this year, I offer you my most heartfelt condolences. It was definitely going around.


And it was alright, the band was all together. And it was alright, the song went on forever. – Bowie, Lady Stardust

People have asked me about that a lot and though I can’t comment on the individual karma of the people involved, I do know that a “9” year is actually a very good and appropriate exit portal. It also has a “graduation” type of vibe to it.

Political Election Disorder (or post-election depression)

I know for many 11/9 was a tough day. Despite which side of the political fence you stand on, the idea of going back to the dark ages in terms of sexuality, LGBTQ, women’s issues, immigration and racism is a hard pill to swallow. Of course, we will give Mr. Trump space to do his job and I have even advocated praying for him. This is not an endorsement or reprisal or either candidate, by the way. It’s merely a statement of what we’re up against. FBI stats have hate crimes up this year significantly. I agree with the funny and brilliant Jon Stewart when he said, “We are the same country before the election.” Yes, for better and for worse. The US is also known for its ingenuity and resilience, both things of which are currently being put to the test.

It was been noted that “despair is trending,” and it definitely was in the remaining weeks of Scorpio Season that followed the election. I’ve also noticed a YUGE amount of shaming, blaming, gloating and all kinds of other behaviors that are definitely divisive and unskillful. This drove many writers, artists and fellow sensitives off of social media for awhile. It was clear the collective needed a “reset” and thankfully for us, it’s happening. Some wise women in my posse that I’m blessed to know noted that PTSD was triggered post-election as well. There was also a regrouping of light forces and somehow we survived it. That’s because we’re stronger than we think. We also have help. Thank goddess.

Where we go from here


“Do not worry about immediate results. More and more you must concentrate on the value, the rightness, the truth of the work itself.” – Thomas Merton

“With a dedicated intention we are willing to face the sufferings of the world and not shy away, to follow what we know is true, however long it takes. This is a powerful act of the heart, to stay true to our values, and live by them.” – Jack Kornfield

I was guided to start a new cosmic tradition: to throw the IChing for the year ahead. I was also guided to do it during the stargate period of Scorpio on 11.17.16.

I received Hexagram 48 “Source” (with moving line 6) and Hexagram 57 “Penetrating Influence.” This is an auspicious reading but also indicates strong, but steady work. Source is quite obvious as a return to what is essential. “1” years like 2017 are good for that, as much of the superfluous gets shaken off by the “9” year. Penetrating influence is the kind of influence that is the result of a lot of small, essential kind acts that eventually add up. It has a soft voice and doesn’t use a megaphone. It is “Yin” energy, with all of the power, essence and potential that comes along with it.

“1” Universal Years like 2017 are exciting and also a bit scary. We haven’t gotten our “sealegs” yet and may be weary from the intense journey of the “9” that just completed. As per usual, the full energies of the new year often don’t fully kick in until around Chinese New Year in February and this will also be the case now. This is a good thing as we may need the time to integrate, reflect and just get some rest!

The Cosmic Tune for 2017 came through clearly, another gift from the Starman. It’s been a rough adjustment to his new role out of form for me but he’s still around, especially at key moments on FM Radio.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all love, health and happiness in 2017.

Photo credit: Ziggy Stardust by Lynn Goldsmith, 1973

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