Cosmic Weather – October/Fall 2014 update

Hello friends. For some reason, I’ve been getting drawn back to the fact that we are in a “7” Universal Year vibration and also the “Year of the Horse.” Together these energies represent spiritual movement, change, pilgrimage and transformation. There certainly has been plenty of that afoot. In the remaining months of the year I feel it’s wise to ponder just where we’ve been and also where we are going.

In 2015 we will be in an “8” Universal Year of power, increase and karmic manifestation. I know that this vibration for some has an ominous tone. It’s important to remember that the Universe is not punitive, even though we may perceive it that way at times. Collectively we can set our intentions for the vibration and experience of the “8” to be loving in its teachings. Let us band together as we continue to move through our changes and transformations know that we are supported, always. Never before have I seen more brotherly/sisterly actions in the world than over this past Summer, especially. It has given me hope and inspiration that despite difficult and obstinate outer conditions, together we’ve got this. 🙂 For those who have been doing their own personal work and holding space for others, the “8” could be one of the most magical years you’ve had in a long time. It believe it’s wise to do a little pre-planning now.

Some suggestions for the remainder of 2014:

1) Examine areas in your life that can use less control and more letting go.

2) Be generous to yourself and to others. This is a good pattern to set, especially now.

3) Be willing to RECEIVE gifts from the Universe in whatever form they come. This helps keep the flow going.

4) Keep the discernment, but drop cynicism and distrust.

5) Invite the LIGHT into your light and being daily – and spread it around. Energy workers of all kinds, this especially applies to you.

Like the quote by Sarah Williams suggests, “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Despite the dark or difficult experiences of the year so far, there has been an underlying and tangible presence of GRACE that is able to be accessed. How do we do this? Though innocence and the “beginner’s mind,” by letting go and being receptive. Also by applying a liberal dose from the Serenity Prayer; through acceptance of things that we cannot change, changing the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. And so it is.

May the remainder of your year be filled with joy, health and abundance in all things.

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