Looking through the bent back tulips, to see how the other half live. Looking through a Glass Onion. – Lennon/McCartney 

Cosmic Weather – Full “Harvest” Moon in Pisces.

Hello friends. So why the interesting Beatles quote, you ask? Like much inspiration that will be coming through with these powerful Full Moon energies, Spirit just kind of blew that one in. I thought it was perfect, and I will tell you why. First of all, Pisces energies in general in their highest aspects are all about compassion, understanding and seeing humanity through a broader lens.

The week leading up to this full moon was one of the strangest and most polarized that I have experienced and observed in a long while. I attribute that not only to the incoming Full Moon energies, but also the 9:9 “Activation Wave” that the Keepers advised us about starting in the latter part of August and the powerful ebbs and flows of energies that have accompanied that.

Here’s a good example: In the same few days, I had guests in town attending the annual “Bhaktifest” which is a celebration of yoga, chanting, meditation and generally good vibes and on one of those nights at the community college where I attend, a violent physical assault took place. Fortunately the physical injuries were very minor, but it definitely caused a great environmental and psychic disturbance. It reminded me that while violence, discord and that particular kind of mental suffering are not present in my own individual world, they certainly do exist in others. The “other half” could be anything that is on the other side of our own life and mental “view.” That is another aspect of Piscean wisdom, is to be in a place of observation and discernment, staying out of criticism – while gently radiating love and peace to all.  I love the idea of a glass onion too. Onions often have many layers when peeling them, but from a higher dimensional place it is possible to “see through” all of the layers to the ONE. These are among some of the highest manifestations of Pisces/Virgo energies as Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Priest/Priestess and Oracle.

Navigational Key for the Pisces Full Moon and the current trilogy of water energies: Dissolution of illusory personality aspects of our choosing (Neptune) using healing/wounding (Chiron) as the way through. Keeping mindful that it’s ultimately not too serious, because no one here gets out alive (Saturn in Scorpio.)

With this moon riding along so closely with Chiron (wounded healer,) there is a great chance that past issues may come forward, but in a Piscean (subtle) fashion and not necessarily “in our face.” Using the broader “view” that I shared here above, we may be able to get some much deeper insight into the world of those who have wounded us in the past, as their motives and attitudes may become clearer. The potential for healing, letting go and forgiveness are deep and profound, especially in combination with the others energies we find ourselves in for the moment.

The Full Moon closest to the Fall (Spring) Equinox is called the “Harvest Moon,” which goes along quite nicely with the Mantra of the month for September, 2014: I collect the harvest of the past season with Joy. I separate the wheat from the chaff of my experiences, letting disappointment and regrets go. I restore myself with Patience and Light. All is well.

9:9 Stargate info: Since it falls just the day after the Full Moon, it is important to mention the 9:9 Stargate as I definitely see these energies as rather a “package” deal. 😉 The energy of the double “9” has to do with cycles and soul missions. An important phase may be ending to make way for the new. With the powerful intuitive inspiration that is available during this Full Moon, TRUST that you will be guided to your next steps.  Pisces-Virgo energies can indeed be karmically accelerating and a great time to exercise deeper understanding and compassion for others as well as yourself. To BE what you wish to see more of in the world is highly recommended. 

NOTE: Stargates are “open windows” of potential where a larger amount of cosmic and celestial energies are available to the earth plane for the purpose of growth and acceleration. The next ones for the remainder of the 2014 will be 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12. 

There is another energy quite present with this Full Moon and that is the presence of human suffering and violence taking place all over the world. Some may be feeling a sense of discouragement and futility with a feeling that not enough are addressing the  important issues more directly.  I was reminded of the powerful quote by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

The Pisces-Virgo dynamic invites us to connect with our “tribe” wherever and whoever they may be and envision and better and more peaceful world for all.

Happy Full Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Pisces occurs September 8th 2014 at 6:38 pm PDT, 9:38 pm EDT and September 9th at 1:38 am UT.