Hello friends. Welcome to one of my most favorite Full Moons of the year. I call it the “Reverse Wesak” because it is the same dynamic as the “Buddha” Moon in May (Taurus Sun/Scorpio moon) only in opposite positions. The houses involved with this Full Moon dynamic are the 2nd and the 8th. The issue of what we VALUE is always highlighted in these energies, due not only to these houses but also Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Though Taurus and Scorpio energies are both weighty in their power and potency, this moon can have a tangible sense of lightness, beauty and sparkle to it.

A common theme to emerge in a Taurus Full Moon is a sense of “cleaning house” and dropping weight. This may be anything from clearing our home of items to give to charity, or dropping some long-standing views that are no longer in our best interest. This moon can reveal where we are energetically “top heavy,” and the Scorpio energies can advise on what to do about it.

There is a lot happening now cosmically. This opened on 11/1 and will continue with the 11:11 stargate and the Venus/Jupiter conjunction to follow on 11/13. The themes that will continue throughout the month include: shadow work, leveling up, releasing and transmuting toxins, purification.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is lovely and interesting: A lighted Christmas tree.

I know we’d all like to see the “Christmas creep” in the stores especially start a bit later than the day after Halloween, but bear with me here. 🙂 The implication of this symbol has to do with finding beauty and riches within, especially through the dark times. For many, this year has been filled with constant challenges: collectively, environmentally and personally. This symbol is about FAITH, in both the unseen and ourselves. This year has taught us many things, but mostly how strong and resilient we really are. The Star of Bethlehem is beautiful and brilliant, but the divine Self is even more so.

This Sun/Moon dynamic is always magical but this year it’s definitely up a level, as we have Jupiter conjunct and Neptune trine the Sun. This will give rise to creativity and divine inspiration. Scheduling some time for introspection is recommended. Remember that Taurus and Scorpio are both “fixed” sign energies. Avoid stubbornness or “my way or the highway” thinking, as this will limit your experience. There are far more gifts in this moon than pitfalls, unlike some of the previous ones we’ve experienced this year.

What to RELEASE on this Full Moon: Limitations about self-worth, personal value and earning potential. Dropping old stories and “battle scars” about lack and struggle. Apologizing for being ourselves.

What to ACTIVATE on this Full Moon: Beauty, on inner and outer levels. Expanded views of prosperity, including “passive” income and windfalls. Calling upon soul wisdom, especially from previous lives. Generosity. Grounding, feeling at home in physicality.

How to HOLD SPACE for the Collective – especially for fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds and Empaths: Stepping into our full value as contributors to humanity and earning equitable wages for our work. Supporting each other in practical ways.

Happy Full Moon and keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Taurus is 11/3 at 10:23 pm PDT and 1:23 am on 11/4 in EDT.