Cosmic Weather – New Moon in Aries: Ignition and getting on with it!

My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. – Maya Angelou 1928-2014 (Sun in Aries)

Hello friends. Happy Astrological New Year! As you may know, I have developed the ability over time to connect with the energy of the New and Full Moons. Some speak more loudly and clearly than others. My Natal moon is in Aries, so this one has my name all over it. Pisces Season started out beautifully inspiring and then descended into something more murky, karmic and challenging for a lot of us. It was a good learning curve, but we’re certainly ready to move on.

The message I received went something like this: So much trouble is created by conformity and fear. The self can get downtrodden and afraid to express itself. You are the I AM and all that entails. Embrace and embody it. You have walked through the darkness and you have survived. Do not dwell. Get on with it!

The certainly sounds very Aries indeed, especially the last sentence. The Aries New Moon is often related to self-love. This is part of it for sure, but this year especially we are being called to step into two things more strongly: TRUST and our spiritual WARRIOR nature.

The shadow side of Aries energy is to fight for the sake of fighting, the provoker with a stick who gives your vulnerabilities a stir. The bright side can be very luminous as the initiator, the warrior and the visionary. The issue with the fighting and provoking is often a mismanagement of the powerful MARS energy. When it’s frustrated it can lash out. When it’s creating and innovating, it’s happy.

The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon is: “A large woman’s hat with streamers is blown by an east wind: Protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.” I happen to love this symbol and it’s so perfect and appropriate for the moment.

This New Moon and New Year are asking us to leave some aspects of the OLD behind; especially the limiting, toxic and/or dysfunctional. That often requires a “Fool” like stepping off the cliff without knowing exactly what is below. We are encouraged here that if we keep our consciousness to the East (the symbol of both the new and transformative influences,) we will be protected and safe. Another expression valid here is “let the dead bury the dead.” As in, leave the past where it is. We’re no longer going that way.

The astrological new year called for a kick@$$ tune and as per usual, Mr. Slash and friends delivered.

Don’t fight it. Ignite it. This much I’m sure.

Happy New Moon friends and keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The New Moon in Aries is 7:57 PDT/10:57 EDT.