New (Black) Moon in Scorpio: Power, Deeper Truths and Shedding Skins

There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things that you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hello friends. It’s been quite a journey this week on the way to this new moon filed with twists, turns (and T-Squares!) but it’s all been a part of it. Personally, this moon is going to hit me where I live (in the first house) and I say bring it. It’s also traveling with the Sun and Mercury (conjunct) and is trine Neptune and Chiron. So what does that mean? Translated: Our identity (Sun) thoughts and communication (Mercury) are going to greater depths, assisted by healing (Chiron) and inspiration (Neptune.) See, I told you it was lovely. 🙂

Interestingly the Tarot card of the “Devil” is not associated with Scorpio (Death) but with Capricorn. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is all about power, the highest and lowest uses of it, along with transformation. To quote an astrologer friend of mine commenting on anyone with Pluto in the first house of the natal chart, “They’d better get some consciousness or they’re f*cked.” Righteeoo. Power for ego’s sake can get plenty ugly. Power in service to the ONE hits it right out of the park back to its cosmic origins. Now that’s something to aim for. We’ve seen too much of what power and control over others has done. We’ve got thousands of years of that dysfunctional stuff. That being said, there will always be people who use powerful cosmic energies for their own gratification. These energies always have various layers and levels available within them.


Shedding Skins and Rising from the Ashes

The Clan Mother is Walks Tall Woman for the Mercury Journey (as she also is for the Sun in Scorpio). She teaches us to Walk The Truth. This Mercury in Scorpio is the perfect time to explore the mystery of who you really are. Our Totem guides are Snake (shedding the old) and The Phoenix (resurrection and rebirth.) – Dale Osadchuk

Dropping the Shame Game

Silence Breeds shame, and I refused to feel ashamed of something I had no control over. – Amy Ferris

Word. Thank you Amy Ferris. For those who follow my work, have heard me mention the “Blame Game,” quite a bit in my books. The Shame Game is just as relevant or in some cases, even more so. Why? Shame is often at the bottom of actions done in fear that may intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to others. So do we forgive ourselves and others? YES. We also do no harm ourselves and we definitely don’t take any more from others. Plutonic energy can be likened to the magical wizard Gandalf shouting “Thou shall not pass!” It’s got quite a big foot to put down and sometimes it’s vital that it actually does.

There has been a lot of commentary on the innate human shame and guilt that comes with merely being human. It is inherited and passed down like the bad genetic mutation that it is. If you were going to shed something this New Moon and shake something off, I would recommend all inner voices that are less than loving and all thoughts that keep you down, small or otherwise repressed. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald reminds us, there are no definitive rules so we get to make them. 2017 starts a brand new cycle, so let’s do this thang!

I was born already nailed to the cross. I was born with a feeling I was lost. I was born with the ability to talk. I was born with a snake-like walk. – Deerhunter

So remember friends Plutonic energy at its finest is about personal power and transformation. So shake a booty to Deerhunter and whatever it is, let that shiz GO. Your entire being will thank you for it.

Happy New Moon, Halloween and Samhain for those who observe!

Image by Bret Langford.

NOTE: The New (Black-US) Moon in Scorpio is 10.30.16 at 10:38 am PDT/1:38 pm EDT.

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