Keywords for the week: Authenticity. The Uplevel. A New Path Appears.

Hello friends. We’re looking at a major power window in the Cosmic Weather for the season, and for the year in general. With over 60 solar flares last week including a large X2, the Universe’s trailer to the main show has been something else.

You’ve been probably hearing about this last pass of the Uranus/Pluto square energies for quite some time now and not just from me. Yes, it is a pretty big deal. One of my friends described it well when she noted that “with every pass we have done an uplevel.” Well not everyone, but definitely the people in what I affectionately call the CLB (Conscious Love Brigade.) Looking back to 2010 it’s evident we are clearly not even close to how we were vibrating and manifesting at that time, and it’s a good thing too. It hasn’t been easy and at times it’s been downright harrowing, but we’re still here and that means everything.

Regarding the keywords I chose in the title of this post, they are all important with “authenticity” being the key. When we are our authentic selves without fear, shame or apology, that’s when things start to get really good. 😉 As you may know I do quite a bit of work with Empathic and highly sensitive folks and wrote a book on the subject, “The Aquarian Healer.” It dawned on me that we are so good at “holding space” for others, but we perhaps haven’t done such a fantastic job doing that for ourselves. Well lovelies, the times are changing and we must also to travel along with them to be in the greatest alignment with what these moments may hold for us. I’ve been hearing that enabling behaviors, forgiveness and boundaries have been “hot button” issues for many people in the last few weeks. These energies are clearly up for examination and ultimately for healing and transformation. Right on time too.

Many people also have been getting a glimpse at the “man behind the curtain” or in other words, behind the 3D illusion of Maya. Another thing I was told, is that though it’s tempting to get angry and upset about poverty, injustice and how parts of the world have turned into a meth lab parking lot, so it is. As another wise friend recently said, “It is what it is, until it isn’t anymore.” We don’t have to solve all of the world’s issues and drama today. For those who identify as Empaths and Lightworkers especially, a new way of relating to the world is also needed and at hand. We are here to establish a NEW REALITY and frequency based on love, light and equality for all beings. This doesn’t mean to stop being an activist if that is your path. It just means to stop the war, within and without.

Tom Petty once sang in his great song “Refugee,” that “Everybody’s got to fight to be free.” It’s true. That is, until we finally let go and surrender. Ouch. Mind/ego can’t stand those words much of the time. It’s the eternal battle of head vs. heart, be-ing vs. doing. One of the keys that these energies offer us is the WAY THROUGH. In the midst of a big juxtaposition, there is a Middle Way. It may be quiet and not always easily seen, but it’s there. The whole deal with this square has been the dance between the old guard (Pluto in Capricorn) and some new, big and sometimes explosive change (Uranus in Aries.) This has manifested externally as well as internally; globally and at community and personal levels.

Another thing I was shown is that for those who have been allowing these energies to work with and through them have been transformed. Of course we are all a work in progress and it doesn’t exactly have an end point, but spiritually we are at a *new* place. What this means is that we get to “take our act on the road,” to quote what the Akashic Wisdom Keepers have been telling us since 2012. So what does this mean? SERVICE. It’s what we’re here for, despite the “me first” pushiness of ego. We are ready. We are clear. We’re good to go. Don’t let any archaic inadequacy or guilt programs obstruct your way. We’ve danced with those energies long enough. That’s one aspect of the old guard that definitely doesn’t work anymore. Another thing these passes of the Uranus/Square energies have shown us, is a greater insight into who we really are and our unique offering to the world. I have a feeling that any perceived “tests” that have shown up or will show up in this Gateway period are all about revealing more of our own greatness to us, and shining a light on limitations so we can drop them.

It started right around 3/11 (big cosmic gateway moment,) and will continue all the way until 3/23 and even beyond. The entire period of 3/11 until 4/20 is highly transformational, with the apex point being this entire week. You know those epic “enough already!” moments you’ve had? They’ve served a practical purpose. We’ve been shown clearly how we can get in our own way and also the magical manifesting (sometimes instantaneously) that can happen when we step aside. Those grace-filled, lovely moments where you are in the flow and everything just works? Get used to it. There’s more on the way. If you’re not exactly there yet, no worries. The energies are currently primed to support the inner journey to a more optimal version of yourself, so have at it.

I also feel that as we travel from Sun in Pisces to Aries along with the Spring (Fall) Equinox, there may be a few small bumps in the road while transitioning for some. I recommend we utilize the inspiration of the current but short-lived Sun/Mercury conjunction in Pisces to create, envision and set our intentions for the astro-cosmic new beginning to come on 3/20. We also have a new moon/solar eclipse that day which is a powerful personal and cosmic “reset” point. If people, places or things emerge as being too heavy to fit through the upcoming doorway, they probably are. Check up.

Remember also in the “8” Universal Year energies, it’s an “anything can happen” vibe of magnification as well as manifestation. I anticipate the week ahead to be filled with magic, wonder and hopefully plenty of laughter. The potential for what I’ve called *high weirdness* is there too. It’s good to remember that despite current appearances, the Universe really does have our back.

Keep in mind friends that as per usual, people will be having a variety of different experiences in these energies based on their karma, view and choices. For those who are of a mind and are feeling relatively centered, this would be a good time to hold space for the Collective. Thank you.

Namaste and blessings friends. Have a wonderful week and remember to keep it Cosmic!

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