Hello friends. What a week. My own personal 8/8 was lovely and then by 8/10 it was a completely different story. After talking to a few people, I discovered I wasn’t alone. What’s been up this week: projection, vampirism, hostility and flat out aggression – oh that is also traveling alongside new portals opening, giggles and rapturous bliss. Yeah, it’s been a trip alright. Nothing less than a Lionsgate in a “9” year, rather par for the course. I was expecting some high weirdness and whoop there it was. 🙂

The Pushback

As I mentioned in my 8/8 video from last weekend, one of the main things that comes up in Lionsgate energy is sovereignty and also the lack of it. This always seems to also include the implication of victimhood and this year it was at an all time high. Like the old metaphysical axiom states, “The further you go – the higher you rise” and ain’t that the truth? One thing that was made abundantly clear to me was the collective addiction to masochism and victimhood. Brilliant astrologer and social commentator Jeffrey Greene commented on this addiction in several of his books, especially in the Western world. As a spiritual counselor, I have noticed that some people playing a heavy game of “Ain’t it awful?” will get very angry when you try to pour water on their hellfires of self pity. They’d much rather have you join them in throwing more gasoline on them. As hot and sticky as that is, it’s also what they know. It’s familiar. It’s become their “view.” This isn’t a value judgment however, I used to be there myself and I know what kind of awareness and work it takes to get out. Being attached to feeling “less than” is also part of the collective karma of the Pluto in Virgo (1957-1972) generation and we’ve had our work cut out for us. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have told us that for every person that frees themselves from that illusion (or any other significant one) it opens the way for others to follow suit, so cheers to that.

The Opportunity

Tricky, tricky yeah. If you’ve been getting tricky lying to yourself, you’re gonna catch hell. – Jack White

I’ve heard from many people that they’ve had realizations about things that have eluded them for years or even decades. That is excellent and utilizing the full potential of what is available right now astro-cosmically. I personally got very clear on some useless guilt I had been carrying around that actually had little to do with me at all. It was a story my mind latched onto many years ago. Dumped. Next! Good stuff.

On the other hand like the Jack White lyric implies, those lying to themselves they may have run and found that the usual hiding places have not been available. These energies have been here to tip people’s cards so to speak and when ego gets laid out like that, it’s often not too pretty. It’s also a beautiful opportunity for those who can take advantage of it. This is also when the projection or “offloading” can start because like many egoic addictions, making it someone else’s fault is the default mechanism. Clear seeing has been of even more vital importance than usual.

The Return

Remember friends, the high side of Leo is about generosity, radiance and moments of sheer magic. I like to tell the story about how back in the day at Grateful Dead shows, you would see people with signs “I need a miracle” which is also the title of a Dead song. This was usually code that they were looking for tickets to the show. You’d be amazed at what people could manifest: tickets, rides, food, trinkets and even more. It was passed off by some as just some goofy hippie thing, but many of us knew better. Jerry Garcia (Sun in Leo) had a magical air about him and a generosity that carried on even after his passing. Those shows always reminded me of just what could happen when a group of people put their heart and intentions together to create something beautiful. Yes there were weird energies that sometimes got in the mix such is the case when you open something to the public, but love ruled the day more often than not.

Though the energies lately have been fierce at times they bring us the great opportunity to return to our divine child who rests in a state of grace, love and abundance.

Cultivate the freshest flower this garden ever grew. Beneath these branches, I once wrote such childish words for you. But that’s okay, there’s treasure children always seek to find. And just like us, you must have had a once a upon a time. – Bernie Taupin

It’s been a wild ride lately starshines. Be kind to yourselves, especially those who identify as Empathic and/or Highly Sensitive. Peace out until next time.

Mandala image by Bret Langford. (www.artoftheday.com)