Hello friends. I have been a “weather worker” long before Cosmic Weather came into being. My interest and experience came out of being a part of an international distance healing group for a decade. Besides cases regarding individuals, we also received cases regarding fires, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.

Thank you to the people who have requested further instruction in this area. This is a primer on spiritual/energy work for weather phenomena. This doesn’t cover the physical aspects such as shelter, caring for animals, clean up and so forth. Extreme weather events also create physical needs. There are some who are more suited to assist on that level. The key is to serve in the best way for your temperament.

The most comment thing I hear in catastrophic events is around “compassion fatigue,” especially from fellow Empaths and Sensitives. It is my hope and intention that this piece be a helpful guide to you.


Living in California, I have seen my share of wildfires. As of this writing, we are unfortunately dealing with the worst and most wildfires in California’s history. Thought it is heartbreaking, I am also proud of my fellow Californians for all they are doing to help. Fire also has a sentient element to it. It responds to human emotional energy, especially fear. When requesting the Universe to send rain, please do this cautiously as high burn areas can be mudslide areas later. One thing that works well and often doesn’t have negative after effects is WIND. Intentionally steer the fire away from more heavily populated areas when possible. It is best to be aware of the actual fire area and the landscape through maps, word or mouth or best yet, actually residing there. Rain Dances also DO work. I have been witness to this many times. Approach those who rain dance with sincerity and reverence in asking for this type of assistance.


It is not recommended to connect with Hurricanes or Tornados directly as the contain a lot of chaotic energy that can be very draining. VISUALIZATION works very well with water disturbances of all kinds, including Tsunamis. If you wish to connect and work more directly with Hurricanes, connect with the “eye” only. There are advanced practitioners that actually do make contact and they have the training and tools to do so. In general, I would not recommend that work for the empathic or highly sensitive.


One practice is do GROUNDING exercises on behalf of the collective. This immediately helps to stabilize. Also, to do clearing practices to clear the immediate fear that arises in earthquakes. This helps the recovery process tremendously. I find predictions around potential future earthquakes to be very problematic and put fear vibrations into the collective. I do have some legitimate behind the scenes type of knowledge on just how many high beings are working to prevent the “big one” from happening every day.


  • Sending Reiki or other types of healing energy is beneficial. Treat the condition just as you would a client and do not use your own energy. Be a conduit for Universal Energy.
  • Do not attempt weather work if you are fatigued or in fear. Prayers are always helpful and will positively impact the group consciousness that surrounds these events. Do what you can, when you can. Do not push yourself. This will not benefit you or the weather issue you are hoping to assist.
  • Use proper grounding and centering techniques prior to attempting any weather work. The collective is highly charged during these events and it is essential to hold to your divine connection.
  • Use the Violet Flame energies to clear and transmute fear, anxiety and any other negativity you may encounter.
  • Feel your feelings, but do not dwell. Be in the NOW moment as much as you can.
  • The Healing Angels most associated with assisting weather phenomena are Archangel Michael and Metatron. You may also sense/see beings such as Sananda, Divine Mother, Kwan Yin or others depending on the situation/condition.


With fire especially, if you sense that the fire has either been deliberately set or is being used by dark forces to create chaos, it is within your right cosmically to request healing and intervention from Spirit. This is within karmic law, as you are actually preventing other parties from furthering their own negative karma. In this case, do not approach this by yourself using your own identity for reasons of anonymity. Have your Guidance Team and/or Healing Angels do this work on your behalf.

You may encounter certain areas (such as ancient or sacred sites) that have strong beings in Spirit connected with it. In this case, permission to proceed must be requested. I have encountered this and also had my Guides intervene on my behalf. I have never been denied access, but there have been times I had to explain my presence there, especially regarding sacred sites.

May all beings benefit. Thank you for reading.