Equinox Gateway, 2013 – Empath & HSP Tools
Hello friends. As you know I have done considerable work in the context of empathy and sensitivity as I identify as an empath myself.

The one thing that I have been noticing over these past months in social media and out there in my own community at Cosmic Weather, is the tendency for the empathic and highly sensitive to become ill or otherwise energetically debilitated in times of what the Keepers have referred to as “Quantum Leaps” with Gaia and the energetic grid overlay system. In times of great shifting, there is often a push-back or oppositional energy in play as well which may serve for contrast and learning, but it can also be just plain annoying. 🙂

Last night in a discussion with the Keepers they gave me some information about how to further “unplug” from actually transmuting discharging energies from Gaia or others in our own physical bodies. Some ways of knowing that you are transmuting for others is if you do not sleep or feel extremely ill, especially during “disturbances in the force” such as violence, extreme weather, and so forth. The solar plexus/third chakra is usually the #1 that is impacted, along with headaches due to attempts to process all that is either coming in and/or being released out of the collective.

NOTE: This is not to imply that *all* empaths need to stop doing this. There are some people who identify as “Transformers,” and that is is part of their soul task and mission. The point is however, to do this work consciously and within a context, not just to do it haphazardly without form or guidance. 

There *are* times however, when we are “Shifting” collectively that empaths and sensitive may have some of the same symptoms, which would also include lucid/odd dreams, insomnia and random or short-lived physical issues. This is more related to how the shifting energies are impacting the empath on a personal level, and not necessarily due to personal transmutation. This is why it is *imperative* in my opinion for empaths and sensitives to develop their intuition and connection with their own personal Guidance System for daily navigation and pertinent data.

The Keepers have given me this framework which I share with you.

1) Determine if you are one of the beings that are here to be a “Transformer.” Most people that are already will be aware of this. If you cannot get in touch with this information yourself, I suggest pendulum work, muscle testing or consulting a reliable and qualified intuitive arts practitioner. What this means is that transmuting of dense and/or difficult energies is part of your soul mission. Most Tranformers have the physical body structure (large, grounded, strong, etc.) to better suit this particular work. This is not to say that there are not small or thin people that are transformers, but their energy systems are indeed quite large to suit the task. In my experience and observation, Transformers are usually on the average to large in their build; and this is both for males and females. A lot of Transformers actually are *not* empathic or highly sensitive, as this allows them to be more efficient in this task.

2) Part of the way that empaths work is through *reading* the energy of others and in what I call the “big sky.” You can re-format your Guidance System to receive this information intuitively and “turn down” using your own body as a “tuning fork,” so to speak. Another way that empaths receive information is from the entire group mind of a situation or place. That is why animal shelters, cemeteries, bars and other places with dense, fearful or strong grief energy may feel unbearable.

3) Explore your own consciousness and energy system for any and all ways you may be holding onto experiencing illness or debilitation for “secondary gain.” I know that people don’t like to hear that and have actually gotten angry at me for saying it in the past, which proves that there is more than a grain of truth there. There is no blame in this mind you, there may have been a time where empathy in this form served you well. The point is you cannot best serve the world, your community, or even yourself if you are ill and knocked out of the game. If you do not get a handle on empathic transmutation it may knock you out of service permanently due to chronic illness, and we certainly do want to avoid that whenever possible.

4) I have also been shown that this is an aspect of empathy that is best suited for the age we are passing out of (Piscean) and not necessarily where we are moving into (Aquarian.) The Aquarian Age is about personal and collective sovereignty and responsibility. I know I can already hear some folks thinking, “Well isn’t that what I am supposed to do is help people with their sh*t?” Well yes and no. Yes you are here to be of service, but the form of that may be changing too. We have been working a lot with personal boundaries and sovereignty ourselves in practice since 201o, in preparation for these times. Empaths are highly skilled in active listening, compassion, and may have various healing gifts such as energy work, telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, and so forth. We are entering into a time where these gifts will be more sought after and necessary. Empaths serving in a light worker capacity especially, I feel need to be aware of these directives.

5) Work with your own Guidance Team to set the level of empathic transmutation that is appropriate for you and your work at this time. Use the tools of meditation, introspection, prayer and intentional work to clear out any secondary gain you may be experiencing through direct transmutation. Know that YOU can be the master of your empathic nature and not the other way around. Work with Guidance to clear any fear and/or anxiety that you may carry around your nature and gifts.

NOTE: If this posts grabs you and you haven’t read my book, “The Aquarian Empath” I would highly recommend that for you. Also, I will be developing an activation which is a add-on to the current “Empath Activation” that I offer through my website which will have to do with actually re-setting and turning down the aspect of empathy which transmutes directly through the physical and energetic bodies. Please do stay in touch via the website for updates on that. 

Thank you for reading. It’s a new season dear ones, and we are new beings. Cheers and blessings all.

Art by Ellen Vaman.