Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse: Creating Joy, the Big Picture and Big Magic!

Hello friends. As some of you have read at Cosmic Weather, I’m pretty fired up about this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Why? Well first of all, just feast your eyes on the gorgeous pentagram that is traveling with it. (Chart by Jaime Partridge of astrologyking.com)

As you can see in this chart we’ve got lots of triangles, trines and some oppositions which bring more juice to the fun. Leo Full Moons do not lack power, however consider this one on “11.”

As I mentioned in one of my posts on this at Cosmic Weather, I mentioned that we’re “ready to rock this out a little differently.” Full Moon/Eclipses are classically and traditionally associated with release, culmination and letting go. However, a Leo Full Moon is also a highly CREATIVE moon. It is also powerful and flat out fun one too. Not everyone realizes that Leo is also an EXECUTIVE energy, besides having the “performance” aspect. It’s Barack Obama as well as Mick Jagger. So this Full Moon may feel like a “New” moon in some places too. Lunar eclipses create a shadow literally, symbolically and metaphysically. This eclipse is a partial one instead of full, which I like. It brings enough shadow to turn these energies inward, while lacking some of the darker extremes that can travel with a total eclipse. That being said, it’s still a good time to hold space for the collective, as eclipses carry significant emotional fire. LOVE thyself, and also your brethren.

Emotionally the Leo FM during Sun in Aquarius can at times feel emotionally extreme. Leo energy can be dramatic, while Aquarius can be detached to a Spock-like level. The key is to flow within those two energies, riding on the joy and radiance of Leo while embracing the brother/sisterhood of Aquarius. Everyone will be feeling this one, with Aquarians and Leo feeling it more directly. Look to the house cusps where these signs energies fall for additional personal clues.

The Sabian Symbol reading for the Sun and Moon are interesting and as usual, quite accurate.

PHASE 143 (LEO 23°): IN A CIRCUS THE BAREBACK RIDER DISPLAYS HER DANGEROUS SKILL. This symbol implies precision, focus and the ability to navigate a potentially dangerous situation. Life (especially as portrayed in the media) has felt like quite a circus lately, hasn’t it?

PHASE 323 (AQUARIUS 23°): A BIG BEAR SITTING DOWN AND WAVING ALL ITS PAWS. This symbol is related to “shaking it off,” having fun and even being a bit goofy. I like that its a bear and not some other animal for this particular application. The reason being, bears from a shamanic perspective are related to Mother Earth, protection (mama bear) abundance and grounding.

What I predicted awhile ago is actually coming into fruition now: social/spiritual activism blossoming in a whole new vein. The current administration has activated people to levels of social concern and involvement at levels that I’ve never seen in my life. The grandmothers and great-grandmothers are even getting into it, which is so cool. Some of these folks haven’t marched or been involved politically since the 1960s. Some significant aspects of Aquarian energy that benefits us all even when the Sun is no longer in the sign, are emotional detachment and and a growing sense of unity within our own communities and the world at large. Also the knowledge that while we may lose some battles, to not loose sight of winning the war – again the Big Picture. Also, as wisely mentioned by Mr. Lennon below, humor and non-violence are our greatest allies in these aims, along with some good old fashioned ingenuity.

When it gets down to having to use using violence, you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face, to make you fight. Once they’ve got you violent, they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t how to handle is non-violence and humor. – John Lennon

So what is my advice this weekend? Cut loose, do something different and by all means have some fun! Also, holding the highest vision for our beloved planet and all sentient beings is recommended and appreciated too.

An epic moon requires an epic tune, so here’s “Dance” (parts 1 & 2) by the Stones.

It’s time to get up. Get out. Get into something new. – Jagger/Richards

Happy Full Moon Eclipsing friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

Image courtesy of Bret Langford.

NOTE: The Full Moon/Eclipse is 2/10/17 at 4:33 pm PST/7:33 pm EST.