Hello friends. In my exploration of Family of Origin (FOO) dynamics, this is a topic that is of personal interest to me. In the work of Dolores Cannon and other researchers regarding those who identify as Light workers, Adult Indigos and Star Seeded individuals there are certain shared characteristics that have shown up in the data. One of them being identification with one parent who is the primary carrier of the Star Seeded DNA, who leaves the family early on usually through death, but can also be through estrangement or divorce. This is definitely the case in my own life as my birth father (who was a gifted medical doctor with strong intuitive capabilities,) who died suddenly at age 38 when I was just a small child. I did however, develop an intuitive/telepathic connection with him starting at age 18. One of my earliest spiritual experiences of him is when I was doing a lot of “partying,” and generally acting out due to much emotional and psychic pain that I was in. The message that came through loud and clear was, “You don’t have to do that. You are loved.” That was the message that changed everything for me, and set me out on a new path of healing and realization as a young adult.

It’s also rather interesting that there have been several people that have looked at pictures of me and my birth family and though we look similar in appearance,  have asked me if I was adopted, which I found very interesting. They just didn’t feel or see much of a real connection there. I also have memories of being a young child and wondering where my “real” parents were, as I was convinced someone had taken them and dropped me off with this strange family that I now shared a house with. 🙂

Another explanation for a feeling of disconnection to the FOO is a strong soul memory of life on other planets and even in other galaxies that many Star Seeded individuals may have. In their younger years this may be even more pronounced, as family and societal conditioning has not set in yet.

Beloveds, there are many who are here to serve as “wayshowers” in their families of origin which also puts them in the unique position of “scapegoat” as well. This may work both ways karmically – as the scapegoated person is on a journey of personal sovereignty and empowerment and/or this is part of their own journey of  personal mastery to learn how to deal with projection and to stop taking such things personally. – The Keepers, 9.19.13 

Though you may not feel connected with your FOO, that does not mean that you do not have ancestors that you will feel connected to and that are connected to you. This has definitely been the case for me. There also may be the one special grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt or other FOO member that you “click” with, and you feel understands you. Those relationships are special and definitely deserve to be cultivated and nurtured. Non-acceptance is a *big* issue with those who are light workers and wayshowers, so to find a family member that doesn’t think you are such a big deal can be very healing and refreshing. That is one thing that we are often denied are “normal” ways of connecting with other human beings, which contributes to the deep feelings of alienation and strangeness that we may carry. We have learned from an early age to “put our light under a bushel,” as to not offend or upset people, and coming out from under that conditioning can be quite a journey. The Keepers have addressed that issue quite succinctly in my book, “Cosmic Love: Keys for the Path of Light,” published by Starfield Press.

So the question is, how does one heal obvious family karma(s) with beings that they do not feel connected to in any primary or significant way? 

I feel where we are as human beings and also related to the current Uranus/Pluto revolutionary energies is quite unique and will never pass this way again, not in this form anyway. In some of these family karmic dynamics we have been traveling eons with these people and in other cases, perhaps not. The important thing is to determine what ones ROLE is within the dynamic. If you are in a situation where you are turning making yourself small, dealing with any form of abuse, which also includes “triangulating” between siblings or others, it is definitely time to switch it up. This is a time energetically and karmically where there has been a great “parting of the ways” between some people, including family members and this will continue.

It is interesting, awhile back in one of the messages from the Keepers they were advocating walking away from family situations where one was being treated with less than respect or even dealing with subtle emotional abuse. Some people got a hold of this and thought that they were advocating “breaking up the family” and were deeply offended. Well in some cases, this must be done for healing in the bigger picture; especially if to remain in the status quo is harmful, abusive or otherwise suffocating. There is also a tendency for dark energies to “divide and conquer.” We see this played out everywhere from the lowest to the highest levels in society and it is cause of many wars and conflicts. Dysfunctional family dynamics *especially* where there is drug/alcohol abuse, Narcissism or other personality disorders at play, may be particularly prone to energetic/psychic negativity which may be particularly debilitating and harmful to those who identify as empathic and/or highly sensitive.

There is also a tendency to “keep the family together” no matter what, which may be a generations old view. This in many cases in the past was a survival tactic, as in, you may literally have DIED without your family in tow to tend to you. This to me in what I have seen as an akashic reader, can serve as an impediment to freedom and healing in some cases, especially if there are powerful soul memories in this area. You may have needed your family to keep you alive then, but you most likely don’t have the same survival needs now and it’s time to release the chains that bind, especially if they are dis-empowering and otherwise harmful.

If you are being kicked out of your FOO or choosing to walk away from them on your own terms, please do be kind to yourself. I offer these suggestions:

  • Get emotional and psychological support when needed.
  • Be open to growing your personal circle and what I call your “Soul Family.” Social media is a great place to do that.
  • Connect to your personal ancestors through meditation and ritual work and work with them for healing and guidance; not only for you but also how you can support your FOO in a way that no longer harms or inhibits you.
  • Seek “Soul Retrieval” work from a qualified practitioner if you are experiencing chronic pain, shame, addictive behaviors, guilt or depression that you feel is connected to your FOO experiences.

For many that are on a path of awakening and especially those working as holistic heal practitioners, energy workers, counselors, etc. it is vital that you keep your own energies clear and stable so you may better serve your clients. We are also in a time where many people’s soul missions have become abundantly clear to them, and this is a beautiful thing.

Just as it was said to “leave your brother, sister, mother and father” to follow the Christ consciousness, so this may be indicated for those walking a path of Light and Service. Please know dear brethren there is nothing “wrong” with you. In many instances, you have been hanging in there for decades and even your entire lives trying to improve difficult situations against almost impossible odds. Your love and energy given is never wasted, even if you cannot see the impact of it in the moment. It is now a moment in time however, where certain relationships that have become impediments to you must be gently set aside. It is possible to do this in love and not with resentment or guilt. It is also helpful to remember the eternal nature of your life and relationships with others. It is possible to see *all* of humanity as your family, dear ones. In fact, this is a spiritual goal of Oneness. All is well. Shanti. – The Keepers, 9/19.13

This is a topic that I am sure I will be sharing more on in the future, but I leave this with you for now.

Thank you for reading. Love & blessings all.

Art by Ellen Vaman.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.