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Hello dear readers. Interesting title right? For life in the Lightworker/Empathic community it’s about right, especially these days. As I recently went traversed another period I’ve been known to call the “karmic blender,” an old and dear friend of mine said this, “Weird is just normal for you.” It made me laugh, but it’s true. For anyone committed to service and finding their way out of the trappings of 3D, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Burn

I’ve been feeling and healing the cosmic burn lately and I hear it’s been going around. What I mean by the burn is an emotional shakeup/down of a dramatic (or even ridiculous!) nature. Upon consultation with the Akashic Wisdom Keepers and Angels of the Healing Ray on this it was just as I suspected. The “drift” between the old paradigm 3/4D world and the new 5D+ energies is getting more noticeable and in some cases even dramatic or disturbing. We’ve been in a process of elimination for some years now, so this is certainly not new. What IS new however, is the finality of things. In that if we’ve closed the front door to some people and/or energies that are no longer in service but left a back window open, we are being called on it. People, jobs, things and places may be exiting graciously or dramatically depending on the lesson and our level of attachment. No judgment in that statement mind you. We are dealing in many cases with some very OLD stuff. Saying goodbye may be painful or uncomfortable at the very least. Life these days feels rather stone cold sober and “grown up.” We also know that nostalgia doesn’t really cut it either, so we’re rather in a strange new netherworld; which is both exciting and unfamiliar at the same time. In many cases we have been traveling with certain folks for what seems like forever, and feelings of loss or grief are to be expected. Alongside the sadness however are some of the most pristine, high vibrations we may have ever experienced so far. It’s actually quite nice to finally see some “rubber hit the road” in this area. 🙂

I was reminded of this apt early tune “Torn Away” from the late, great Mark Linkhous (1962-2010.) “You can’t break my spirit. You can’t break my will. ‘Cause I’m used to hanging on a windowsill, until it all gets torn away.” For many of us, change has been our constant companion for some time now, but this year already feels much different and there are reasons for that.

Only that which is unreal can be destroyed. Bless the ashes as they bring you closer to the reality of your true being. – The Keepers, 3.24.15

Bear Traps and Higher Ground

I was also reminded that we are in a powerful period of RECONFIGURATION personally and collectively. This does explain why certain old karmic material may have paid us a visit lately. Another thing that I have noticed personally is that people seem to be moving through emotion much more quickly, even related to painful or difficult challenges. This is due to the fact there isn’t a lot of “like” energy within us anymore for it to associate so closely with, so to speak. This is a tangible byproduct of inner work and is a very positive thing. Keep workin’ it, dear readers.

If it feels like you’re in a period of spiritual “testing,” you very well could be. It’s good to keep in mind however, that no matter what you cannot fail. Also, that for every spiritual success that you do have, all other beings may also benefit from it. Our own expansion makes the road wider for others to also travel upon, and that is beautiful. Unless we came in here as enlightened masters already fully switched on, we have experienced negative emotional states and reacting rather than responding to life. This is perfectly okay and expected, what can trip us up in the new, unfolding energies is spending too much time there. AWARENESS will continue to be a gift and key.

The Traps: Anger, Competition, Fear, Worry, Hopelessness, Judgment, Blame, Unconsciousness

The Exit/Antidote: Unconditional love (for SELF and others,) Faith, Peace, Self-Care, Healthy Boundaries, Conscious Awareness

On the subject of energy infiltration. ~ Dear ones, there are a few things we would like to share with you today on this. Firstly, it is important that you do not take it into a place of self-blame. If foreign energies have impacted you it’s always an opportunity to check up. Where may you have a chink in your armor, so to speak? It is possible to view all experiences as ultimately positive and for your benefit spiritually.

From a place of ONEness, all things are related, so it is helpful to remain neutral and our of judgment. Discernment however, is essential. Lower or “dark” energies often bring in an re-activation of fear, being the contrary energy of love. This is an opportunity for self discovery and a further challenge to remain in the light. As the 3/4D energies are moving out, they are rather kicking up the dust in their departure. Know this dear ones, all is well. Bless and release all that is unlike love and keep on.

It is essential to understand that especially as an empathic or sensitive person this may not mean your shield is malfunctioning necessarily, but that the Universe in coordination with your Higher Self is providing you with a growth opportunity in this area. Also, a deeper knowledge into energy mastery in all its aspects. It is possible for you to encounter misaligned energies in others that they are not even aware that they carry due to disassociation and denial.

The most powerful light warrior is the one who has met and transmuted their own darkness and does not fear it in others. It is also a teaching around spiritual codependence, in that it is not appropriate to fix or save others. In the paradigm that is passing away there may be some “tests” in this area. As far as initiations are concerned, encounters of this nature often qualify. Do not worry dear ones, you are not alone and have a great resource of inexhaustible strength and light within you. Shanti. – The Keepers, 3.27.15

NOTE: There is one “view” that there is nothing outside of ourselves and ultimately that is true. However, while we are embodied we are still under the influence of the illusion of Maya while on Earth (for the time being anyway.) We want to avoid what Ram Dass and other noteworthy spiritual teachers have referred to as a “confusion of (spiritual) levels.” Also, it isn’t particularly useful to give very high dimensional teachings to someone in the midst of a 3/4D lesson, so I’m sure you can follow my point here. They need to find their way out and through first.

The Symptoms (short list)

Diet changes, sugar cravings, sleep disruptions, ear ringing, time distortion and technology issues. My phone has been pretty solid the past few months but just in the past two weeks it has been doing some pretty weird stuff including delaying odd code sequences and dropping off a conversation and making some noises that my friend thought sounded like an “alien abduction.”

A reminder that this particular upgrade/eclipse period is on until 4/20/15. Be sure to check out “Cosmic Weather” at Facebook for all the daily updates.

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Thank you and be well friends.

Art by Marc Eden.