Monthly Distance Healing Transmissions

Monthly Group Distance Healing
We offer a group distance healing with Irma Kaye and the Akashic Wisdom Keepers. Some things that people have experienced in our group healing experiences are: a reduction of pain and an increase of bliss! The requested donation/contribution for these events is $22. Paypal at: or you may make a donation here. Thank you so much for your support. Please subscribe to our free, monthly newsletter to receive all of the current updates.

Beloveds, we are grateful to those who have gathered in Sacred Purpose. May you be blessed and filled with Light. May your concerns be dissolved into Peace. May you be granted healing and strength. It is our intent that all who enter the Sacred Space receive a divine transmission of healing energy, a diksha (blessing) of sorts, that is ideally suited for them and their particular nature. Shanti. – The Keepers, 1.26.13unnamed

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If you do not have a Paypal account, we also accept credit and debit cards through “Square.” Please contact me if you wish to pay via this method. Thank you.IMPORTANT NOTE: When we receive your donation, you will be sent an email with additional information about the event. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers often recommend the dates and topics, based on the current energies at hand. Our distance healing events are done remotely in “real time.” They are NOT done via Skype, video or chat so there is no phone-in number. Please note that I am available for questions related to the event only for attendees. If you have detailed, personal questions please consider booking an email or Skype reading with me. Thank you. For additional information on how Distance Healing works, please read this excellent article: Distance Healing by Jenny Mannion

Disclaimer: The monthly healing events are not meant to be a substitute for proper self-care and medical and/or psychological treatment, when necessary. Please be advised that this work is done at a high vibration level, and though it is our strong intention that everyone’s experience be only healing and beneficial, symptoms of “shifting” and minor healing crises may occur. This work is designed for people that are actively engaged in their own spiritual path and healing process. Please be advised. Thank you.

If you are new to Distance Healing work, please read the following information:

Thank you for joining us in our monthly group healing transmissions. It is best to go into meditation with us for the complete time period that is indicated if possible. You may sit or lie down in a quiet, comfortable space where there is no interruption or interference. Please do turn off all phones and remove other distractions. It is recommended to create the most energetically pure space around you during receipt of this transmission. Please regard this time as sacred as you are connecting with your own soul and the Divine.

Relax and fully surrender your open heart to Divine Grace. Surround yourself in white light and connect to and invoke your own guidance system. Affirm your intentions for the session and place these in your heart.

Set your intention to connect with the energetic Ray we are working with and the beings of Light assisting us. Keep the arms or legs uncrossed, the body calm and the mind at rest.

Falling asleep may happen during the work, and this is okay. You will still receive what is indicated for you. Your intentions and opening your heart to receive is very important. Your intention to receive is what pulls the energy to you. Whatever you experience is perfect for you. Please do have plenty of pure water nearby and drink plenty of water after the event as well.

People do experience different things. Please do not compare your experiences to others as what you experience will be unique and indicated just for you. The energies may deepen in the hours and days following the transmission.

If you find yourself more emotional than usual, this is not a cause for concern. You are cleaning energies that no longer serve and this is most beneficial! You also may experience old physical discomforts arising, this is often for the same purpose. If for any reason your discomfort lasts longer than a few days, please do consult me or a qualified healing practitioner for advice.

Testimonials: There is a magical quality to Irma’s healing events. Somehow, when she is holding space for the participants, the energy of the meditation seems to magnify and intensify. Deep feelings of love have poured into my being at these events that have lasted well after they have finished. I have also uncovered some profound truths for me personally. At the end of the session, I have such an overwhelming sense of gratitude. If you want to bring blessings into your life, I recommend participating at one of Irma’s monthly events. – Cindy Skehan

Irma’s transmissions are wonderful! Gentle yet powerful, Irma holds space for healing to take place. You can feel the love. – Colette Barrett

The transmissions are amazingly beneficial. I have seen and felt so many wondrous things working with Irma and The Keepers! Very deep and meaningful!- Carolyn Heppner

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Cosmic Weather® can be found at:

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