New (Black) Moon in Libra: Harmony, The Old Masters and the Great Banishing

Hello friends. For those who have been following my New and Full Moon Reports know that I often connect with the energy of the moon itself prior to writing my report. I can tell you right out the gate that the energy of this New Moon is more elusive and mysterious than usual. It is also a “Black” moon, which is the second new moon within the same month. Arriving on 9/30 it just barely made it, but it’s important to discuss the significance of that. September has been a potent and tumultuous month with two eclipses and one great mother of a Mercury Retrograde. (I know I probably don’t have to remind you…)

It is also a “9” month in a “9” year – bringing themes of nostalgia, the past and also wrapping things up. Whether that happens neatly and orderly is sometimes up to us, but also it can seem more on a Universal agenda than we’d particularly like.

Libra energy is classically concerned with harmony, beauty, fairness, balance and relationships.

Just like the cosmic void itself is considered a “Yin” energy, the night and all of its unseen potency is contained in a Black Moon. One of the magical implications of a Black Moon is to utilize its major and unmistakable banishing power. To plant new seeds, the garden may need to be weeded. We’ve been in a process of that all year. October 1 starts an entirely new energy cycle of the “1.” This New Moon is a kiss goodbye if there ever was one. Make it a sweet one now, y’all. 🙂

PHASE 189 (LIBRA 9°): Three “Old Masters” hanging on the wall of a special room in an art gallery. KEYNOTE: The need to return to source during a confused search for new value in a chaotic society. – Dane Rudhyar

This has several really interesting implications. Returning to Source in a chaotic society definitely seems good advice, especially now. For example, the current POTUS election has actually given rise to a new psychological disorder, “Political Anxiety Disorder.” That is not a joke, although it seems like it could be one. I received that information from a friend who is a 30+ year career psychotherapist. As an Empath, I have had to retreat and take social media breaks this year to maintain my energies, more than I usually do. This is the time of year in the cosmic weather where things tend to get more real, especially on the road to Scorpio season which will arrive in a little more than three weeks.

The number three also has a strong spiritual implication of the triad and the three-fold flame of the heart. In esotericism there are the three “Rays” of Power, of Love-Wisdom, and Intelligence-in-action. So needless to say, this is a very spiritual Sabian Symbol and it is no accident that it is traveling alongside a Black Moon this time.

Though Libra energy isn’t necessarily known for being weepy and deep, but this New Moon promises some of that, indeed. Breathe. Release. Let go and most importantly, pay attention. The “Old Masters” may very well have something to say and we won’t necessarily hear them if we’re too chatty.

Recommended actions: Ritual, Silence, Meditation, Healing Work, Journaling, Cleaning/Donating items.

Thinking on the Cosmic Tune, it changed a few times before I settled one this one, which I think is perfect. No matter what our age is, this year has brought emotional and physical material that for many of us, has been entirely new. It has brought with it the understanding that “inexperience” can happen to anyone, not just the young. It’s how we respond to this new and sometimes confusing material that matters.

This inexperience, sweet, delirious. Supernatural, superserious, wow. – Michael Stipe

Happy New Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The New Moon in Libra is 5:11 pm PDT/8:11 pm EDT.