Online Reiki Class

Online Reiki Class


Learn About All Levels of Reiki With Irma Kaye Sawyer.
Graphic By: JD Cogmon of Astrolosophy™

Hello friends. Due to personal requests, I am going back to teaching Reiki classes, both in-person and via distance learning. Please let me know if you would like to sponsor a class in your area (with a minimum of six students,) and attend for no charge.

Reiki is a powerfully effective but simple system of energy healing, that is suitable for people of all ages. Those with a background in massage therapy and/or anatomy will find that helpful for the training, but it is not required. Level I training has no prerequisite. Reiki training is also an excellent way to further expand one’s innate healing and intuitive gifts.

Usui Reiki Levels – Information and Fees

Level I: Learn about the history of Reiki, the nature of Universal Life Force energy and how to provide a complete healing session for family members, friends or clients. The Level I attunement and certificate are included. $200

Level II: Learn about the Usui Reiki symbols and how to use them, Reiki healing in combination with chakra work and how to perform a distance healing session for anyone anywhere in the world. The Level II attunement and certificate are included. $250

NOTE: Level II is recommend as a minimum training level for anyone who wishes to provide Reiki healing sessions professionally to the public.

Master Practitioner Level or Advanced Reiki Training (ART): This class includes the Master Level Symbol, how to create a Reiki healing grid, how to use crystals and stones with Reiki, and a powerful Reiki “Aura Clearing” technique. The Master Level attunement and certificate are included. This class is recommended for those who wish to take their healing skills to a higher level, but don’t necesssary feel the call to teach others. $300

Master Teacher Level: This class is recommended to be experienced either in person or with another student (for practice) in a teleclass setting. In this class you will experience how to provide Reiki attunements for all levels, how to work with and counsel students and how to promote your classes and Reiki classes in your community. Also, review of any of the Level I, II or ART material that you feel is necessary to better prepare you as an instructor. $350

If a student commits to both ART and Master Teacher level, the cost is reduced to $600 for both ($50 savings)

**For teleclass students, full email support is provided during your entire training period, and also afterwards for any questions that you may have. It is highly recommended that for each Reiki level, you experience at least one reading/healing with me, for energetic clearing and to be best prepared for the training level ahead. I offer these sessions at a student discounted rate of $88/each for all students enrolled in the training program.

I am also available for “Refresher” courses for all levels for a reduced rate. Please inquire.

The Reiki Principles ~

Just for today:

  • I will not worry.
  • I will not be angry.
  • I will do my work honestly.
  • I will be grateful for my many blessings.
  • I will be kind to every living thing.

Thank you so much for your interest in Reiki training. May all beings benefit.

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