Hello friends. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween/Samhain weekend. As predicted, the Cancer moon added to the mystical effect and even perhaps more visits from our Spirited friends. 🙂

We start the week with a fun-loving Leo moon. This also happens to not be one of my favorite moons from a social media standpoint as it can bring out extra doses of petulant and more self-centered behavior from certain folks. I plan to do my best to tune into its sunnier aspects and I recommend that for everyone. We also have a lovely Venus/Mars conjunction, so it’s a good day to spread the love!

The overall tone of the energy this week is rather dual as it involves Jupiter’s lightness and also the intensity and healing power of Scorpio. Mercury moved into Scorpio today, creating a Sun/Mercury trine by sign that will remain a good part of the month until 11/20. This in combination with grounded, healing Jupiter now in Virgo is some pristine energy for deep healing, insight and what I like to call “spiritual detective work” of all kinds. The shadow of Sun and Mercury in Scorpio is to become dour or also lose objectivity, especially around our own “stuff.” I suggest any kind of Seva/Service work to others to help keep us in perspective.

Like the powerful metaphor of “Snake Medicine” suggests, we have all the power we need within to heal ourselves and sometimes the cure may be contained within the toxin itself. Fascinating stuff.

We have a Mercury/Neptune trine on Friday that rules healing, spirit/higher communication and artistic work of all kinds.
Venus enters lovely Libra next Sunday which highlight relationships. This is also the natural home of Venus so she feels quite comfy there. The focus will then be on balance and harmony in all relationships, especially close ones. The shadow of Libra energy is: people-pleasing, avoidance and a disconnect from emotion. With such strong Scorpio energy afoot however, I feel that the more negative side of this sign energy may be minimized.

Have a great week ahead friends and may your “medicines” all be blessed!