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Environmental Energy Work: Tips and A Primer

October 12, 2017 0

Hello friends. I have been a “weather worker” long before Cosmic Weather came into being. My interest and experience came out of being a part of an international distance healing group for a decade. Besides cases regarding individuals, we also received cases regarding fires, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes. Thank you to the people who have […]

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2/26/17

February 20, 2017 0

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Realization, Love and a Clarion Call. Hello friends. Since I have 5 planets in Pisces in my Solar Return chart this year, I have been waiting for these incoming energies with high interest and anticipation. To simply call them “psychic” is an underestimation, yet it’s a good place […]

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Report – 2.10.17

February 8, 2017 0

Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse: Creating Joy, the Big Picture and Big Magic! Hello friends. As some of you have read at Cosmic Weather, I’m pretty fired up about this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Why? Well first of all, just feast your eyes on the gorgeous pentagram that is traveling with it. (Chart by Jaime Partridge of […]

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