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Cosmic Weather – New Moon/Eclipse Report 9/1/16

August 31, 2016 0

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Seeking, Finding & Transcendence ~ Hello friends. Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo and also Fall “Eclipse Season.” With all of this Virgo, think of Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter.” Most of the time she’s sweet and charming, but some of the time her classmates may secretly want to […]

Cosmic Weather: New Moon Report

May 28, 2014 0

One of the more fun aspects of Gemini energy is its infinite curiosity, and ability to shape-shift and explore. The shadow of this however, is to dissipate one’s energy in misguided or fruitless pursuits. To follow a map that leads to nowhere, so to speak. If you want to break out of your current conditions and perhaps cause a personal “strike” for the better, look to the maps and legends, wherever they may appear.

Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 9/5/13: Healing Inspiration & Shaking the Tree

September 1, 2013 0

Hello friends. Welcome to a new month and soon it will be a a new season too with the upcoming Fall Equinox (Spring for our friends in the South.) It’s been quite a powerful Summer filled with change, healing and transformation. For many of us, we are definitely not the same beings that we were […]

Cosmic Weather – New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse: Clouds, Roots & Wonder

May 8, 2013 0

When you stop judging, you can feel the beauty and perfection of everything around you. – Rajeev Hello dear readers. The quote here by Rajeev really stood out to me as a good representation of all of the strong Taurus energy we currently find ourselves in.  Taurus is exceptionally good at being still and quiet. Stopping […]

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