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2013 Keys to Healing and Balance – via the Akashic Physical Avatar

December 31, 2012 9

Hello friends. Welcome to 2013 – the Year of the Water Snake. After talking to a few people who have expressed some concerns, I decided to explore the topic of healing and balance. For many, 2012 was a difficult, even traumatic year. There were also many people that transitioned in 2012, and some of these […]

Cosmic Weather – 2013 Yearly Forecast: Cycling Up, Exaltation & the Perfection of Love

December 23, 2012 4

Hello friends. Welcome to a new year and a new energy! 2012 was the “gate,” 2013 brings us to an new playing field, so to speak. We have cycled up, and we find ourselves in a new territory, on higher ground. The Keepers have used the keyword of the “Exaltation” for 2013, as 2012 was […]

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