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Cosmic Weather ® – New Moon Report for 3.20.15 ~

March 19, 2015 0

Keywords: Darkness. Light. Fractal Technology. The Endpoint of the Chrysalis. (Re)birth. Hello friends. It’s also the Solar Eclipse, Spring (Fall) Equinox and Power Portal Report. A New Moon making contact with a Solar Eclipse is always a powerful play of opposites – endings and beginnings, sometimes in a dramatic fashion. It’s important to remember the […]

Cosmic Weather® – New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 10/23/14

October 22, 2014 0

Hello friends. How have you been enjoying “Eclipse month” so far? Thrills, chills and turns most likely I would imagine which is right on cue for the season and its energies. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has certainly added an interesting twist to things too. I was joking that my report on this subject would either […]

Cosmic Weather – New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse: Clouds, Roots & Wonder

May 8, 2013 0

When you stop judging, you can feel the beauty and perfection of everything around you. – Rajeev Hello dear readers. The quote here by Rajeev really stood out to me as a good representation of all of the strong Taurus energy we currently find ourselves in.  Taurus is exceptionally good at being still and quiet. Stopping […]

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