Hello friends. I have featured this picture of me, Joshua Homme (founding and unofficial member) and “Boots Electric” aka Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal for a reason. I also particularly love this picture as it was taken on one of those “wink from the Universe” kind of evenings that inspire you to keep moving forward, despite painful circumstances. They are the American rock band that was playing at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on 11/13 when the attack took place. For me personally this is particularly sad as I not only know and love this band, their beloved guitarist lives in the next town. It couldn’t have hit more close to home. What’s ironic is that they are not a death metal band at all and their name is absolutely tongue-in-cheek like many of their song lyrics are. Their songs and shows have always been about what is free and most joyful about rock and roll. It invites you to smile, boogie and forget the mundane world for awhile. The fact that over 100 people actually lost their lives on what was to be a fun night out is devastating and unimaginable. As a former rock critic, I reviewed a show of theirs some years ago and compared them to what I call the “Rock and Roll Church.” This is a great compliment coming from me, as some of the other bands and artists that I have put in that category are previously are Van Morrison, Derek & the Dominos, Bowie and Parliament Funkadelic. 🙂 All love to the band, their fans, friends and everyone else impacted by the tragic events in Paris.

I know there has been criticism as to “pick” certain events to respond to and not others, especially while such violence wears on continually in the Middle East. This attack however in the “city of light,” known for romance, beauty and joy is particularly hard to take collectively, and for good reason. ALL terrorist attacks are very dark energetically and can cause harm that goes far beyond the physical realm. It can leave a wake of PTSD in the collective and this is something that I have experienced in my work for several years now.

Sadly, we live in a world now where these negative events have become more commonplace. As much as we hold the line of love and light, we must also remain strong and prepared. For Empaths and Highly Sensitive people, events like this can be personally debilitating both physically and emotionally. I will be holding a group event with the Keepers and Healing Angels in attendance for the healing of collective shock and PTSD. I will include that information at the conclusion of this post.

I consulted the Keepers on these events and this was their response today:

Dear ones, you have asked us to respond on the recent events in Paris, France and we share this with you.Though there is certainly a 3D and personality element involved, we invite you to focus more on the eternal and multidimensional in these types of situations. In the knowledge that those who have transitioned are eternal beings, just as yourselves. It may help assuage the pain and fear that arises. We understand that times such as this are highly polarizing on your planet, and there is a trend to seek out and assign blame. Violence and terrorism are symptoms of a greater illness, an energetic and spiritual “virus” that does exist on earth at this time. There have been many “Hollywood” movies depicting those infected and outbreaks of such sicknesses; of course exaggerated and dramatized for the screen. We have shared with you in previous messages ways to lift your vibration and protect yourself from this. (This is also discussed in the new book, “The Aquarian Healer.”) There are several “worlds” that are existing on your planet now and we invite you to choose wisely. You do this by your own consciousness in your daily life.

As many wise teachers have also shared with you, those that dwell in darkness and violence are deeply suffering and require compassion. This however, does not mean you condone or continue to allow their distorted actions. For those especially on a path of awakening have experienced the “outpicturing” of your own shadow material (negative ego) in the form of fears, projections, obsessions and the like. This is the same principle with the (soul masquerading as) the terrorist, taken to a more exaggerated level.

We understand much of humanity are seeking answers to these acts of darkness. There are several levels to be addressed, including the political which we will not comment on as that is not our area, so to speak. What we see is needed is a continuing of holding the line of light, love and peace for the planet. Allow the feelings as they arise, but do not dwell in fear, blame, despair or hopelessness, as this is no benefit to you or to Gaia. Until the mass consciousness of the collective is healed of this separation sickness so to speak, healing and restoration is needed. Heal and balance yourselves beloveds and let that divine medicine extend to all of the earth. You are not alone in your tasks. It is important to remember the unfolding of the divine plan and the profound energetic Shift that is occurring upon the Earth. These acts however ugly and out of alignment, do not reflect the ultimate nature of reality and higher consciousness. Love is light made visible. Keep on. You are dearly loved. – The Keepers, 11.14.15

I also enjoyed the words of the 17th Karmapa and found them comforting.

It is very sad to witness how destructive we human beings can be. At this time, it is particularly important to remember that we are also capable of great courage and compassion. On this tragic day, I offer my prayers to the victims, the perpetrators, and all those directly and indirectly harmed.We need to find a way to use this moment to develop awareness and understanding, so that we may live our lives without fear. We need to find a way to use this moment to stand up to fear and panic, and not to succumb to it. We need to find a way to use this moment to develop compassion, and to show others that it is the lack of awareness, wisdom and compassion, manifesting as emotions, that is the real thing that we need to stand up to. I pray that we all find a way to use this moment to respond with loving kindness, to stand up with hope in our hearts, and remember that human beings are also capable of great courage and compassion. I would like to ask all of those directly and indirectly affected by this tragedy to join in this aspiration. – Thaye Dorje, the 17th Karmapa, 11/14/15

It is important to remember what is really important in life and to avoid the petty, negative and unnecessary. That is what tragedy instructs and it is a harsh teacher. Right after I heard news of this I had the feeling this was a Lightworker’s “game changer.” I wasn’t exactly sure how and I’m still not. I am confident that will be revealed in time.

Thank you for reading. Namaste and blessings friends.

NOTE: Our free group healing for collective trauma and PTSD event will be 11/18 at 11:30 am PST. Please visit the Bright Star Consulting Services page for more details.