Vita Juwel – Heavenly Water

Vita Juwel are the greatest quality “gem water” products available in my opinion. There are plenty of cheap knock-offs, but you get what you pay for. Superior German workmanship, sustainably sourced crystals and top quality customer service were key points for me becoming a distributor of these products. I am offering these at the lowest retail pricing available. Stores in my area for example, sell these products for an additional 25% mark-up.

There have been studies done that show water infused with crystalline essence has a different taste and energy after just 7 minutes! I have tested this for myself.

For crystal lovers, those interested in maintaining a high energetic vibration and/or being in optimal health, these products are for you.

ViA Water Bottles

These are the best option to take on the go. Beautiful, light and especially easy to carry with the (recommended) Neoprene “Loop.”

Gem Water Decanters

These are not only elegant, they are great for home use. My guests have been really impressed not only with their beauty, but also with the great tasting water.

Gem Pods (ViA) and Gem Vials (Decanters)

These can be used interchangeably with the ViA water bottles and Decanters.

Choose from:

  • Wellness – Calming, Balancing, Relaxing (Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz)
  • Fitness – Willpower, Strength, Dynamic (Red Jasper, Magnesite, Clear Quartz)
  • 5 Elements – Reflection, Growth, Grounding (Amethyst, Chalcedony, Petrified Wood, Rose Quartz, Agate)
  • Love – Harmony, Sensuality, Affection (Rose Quartz, Garnet, Clear Quartz)
  • Balance – Inner Peace, Meditation, Self-Esteem (Sodalite, Chalcedony, Clear Quartz)
  • Vitality – Regenerating, Rejuvenation, Renewal (Emerald, Clear Quartz)
  • Luna – Intuition, Empathy, Sensitivity (Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz)
  • Happiness – Optimism. Eloquence, Good Luck (Carnelian, Orange Agate, Jade, Clear Quartz
  • Forever Young – Cleansing, Detox, Stress-relief, Serenity (Aventurine, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz)
  • Guardian – Open-mindedness, Protection, Clarity (Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Clear Quartz)
  • Inspiration – Awareness, Focus, Dedication (Lapis Lazuli, Rutilated Quartz)
  • Diamonds – Invigorating, Energizing, Exhilarating (Diamond slivers, Clear Quartz)

How To Order:

Pricing: Via Bottle (with Gem Pod) prices start at $79. Additional Gem Pods start at $64. Decanter price (without vial) is $48. Gem Vials start at $84.

All purchases of two or more items receive a free “Loop” valued at $15!

NOTE: Shipping costs will vary based on the number of items purchased and location. Please message me here with your order. Receipt may take 7-14 days depending on items currently in stock. International orders are accepted with additional shipping costs and travel times. Thank you.


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