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_DSC1201a28xnetIntuitive Healing uses the unique ability to sense, feel, see, and release energy blockages inside the body caused by either emotional or physical imbalances.   Intuitive healing balances the body’s physical, energetic, and emotional structures resulting in increased energy, better health, and a greater sense of well being.   In this healing philosophy, each person is empowered to enhance his or her intuition and creativity to heal mind, body, and spirit and open to a greater sense of joy and personal power.  It can be easily used with other holistic health approaches and with conventional medical treatments.

I am trained and certified in the energetic healing modalities of Usui, Lightarian, Medicine Buddha and Violet Flame Reiki. I also have training in Magnified Healing and an energy healing modality given to me by the Arch Angelic Collective in 1996 called Starlight.

Disclaimer: Please do not use Reiki or other spiritual modalities solely or for diagnosis if you are dealing with a severe or life-threatening health challenge. Please do not substitute energy healing for medical treatment if needed. 

The seeds we plant in the “7″ year will be taking root for manifestation in the “8″ (2015.) It’s important to be mindful on general principle, but especially now.

The seeds we plant in the “7″ year will be taking root for manifestation in the “8″ (2015.) It’s important to be mindful on general principle, but especially nowfor medical treatment if you have a serious medical condition. I can only work with those with psychological disorders within the scope of treatable anxiety and/or depression. Thank you for your understanding.

“I had a long time pain in by back which was giving me allot of discomfort and that night the pain was completely gone and has not retruned, it has been 4 years now. Thank you Irma!” – Michelle Marie Boudreau-Alward 

Irma Kaye has also provided physical healing to me and the results have been amazing. I have suffered with a knee injury for years and have been told that I need a knee replacement. Without any knowledge from me she picked up on the energy block in my knee and spent a few minutes moving energy through and gave me some visualizations to practice on my own. My knee is better than it has been in a long time and I am able to hike again and to walk further than I have in years. I am so grateful that Irma Kaye was put in my path at exactly the right time and place. ~ A. Prosser 

Reiki Healing: Reiki is a powerful healing art rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. For more information about Reiki, please visit our links pages. Reiki is for everyone! It has healing benefits at all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual and is an excellent adjunct therapy to traditional medical care.

Distant Healing: I am available for distant healing sessions via Email. If you would like a healing for yourself or a loved one, please contact me. For more information on distant healing, please visit our links page. If you would like to schedule a personal and specific healing for yourself, please visit my “Services” page. If you would like a general healing, I can add you to my healing request list that I work on several days a week. I offer these healings for donation.


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